The Fabulous History Of Disney Cross-Dressing

These Disney dudes look like a lady. Could use more ladies disguised as dudes, though.

1. “The Three Caballeros” - 1944

Oh Donald, the come hither off the shoulder look is overshadowed by your lack of pants.

ID: 832333

2. “The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad” - 1949

Honestly. Mr. Toad, who plans a prison break in heels? A man, that’s who.

ID: 832122

3. “The Jungle Book” - 1967

Did Baloo know King Louie’s taste in women(?) ahead of time or did he just get lucky?

ID: 832089

4. “Robin Hood” - 1973

More like Robin Hood: King of Fabulously Bold Color-Blocking.

ID: 832149

5. “Aladdin” - 1992

ID: 832296


ID: 832322


ID: 832321

6. “The Lion King” - 1994

Timon went straight “dress in drag and do the hula” a little too quickly for it not to be something he did every Friday night in the privacy of his (and Pumbaa’s) room.

ID: 832345

7. “Mulan” - 1998

ID: 832398

You’re welcome.

Because you can’t mention Mulan without listening to this song. It’s the law.

ID: 832674

8. “The Emperor’s New Groove” - 2000

“Bless you for coming out in public.”

ID: 832416

9. “Lilo & Stitch” - 2002

ID: 832442

10. Honorable Mention: “Sleeping Beauty” - 1959

Surely one of those animals is a girl.

ID: 832466

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