20 Reasons Tech-Savvy Parents Terrify Kids

Look at what future generations have to look forward to! In another decade, parents will rule technology with an iron fist.

1. Tech-savvy parents find creative ways to show their displeasure with your life choices.

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2. Like hack your Facebook.

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3. Over and over again.

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4. They will troll the hell out of you.

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5. Even at Christmas.

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6. They think up the best (worst) punishments.

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7. No. Seriously. Don’t screw with tech-savvy parents.

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8. They always get what they want.

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9. They have your passwords and will delete your foul-mouthed accounts.

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10. Or they’ll just make you apologize.

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11. They have a Tumblr…and know yours.

ID: 1109408

12. Which means they understand the subculture.

Go read the rest of this epic mother/daughter troll-off over here!

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13. And will use it against you.

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14. But at least they speak the language.

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15. They will discover your porn.

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16. And find it lacking.

ID: 1109619

17. They will find your sexts.

ID: 1109830

18. And ground you accordingly.

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19. And of course, they’ll use internet slang to embarrass the life out of you.

ID: 1109926

20. But at least they have their parenting priorities straight.

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