Photographic Evidence Of Insidious Moose Invasion

They’re everywhere! Bullwinkle, why would you turn on us like this?

1. They Attack By Land…

ID: 3738

2. Sea…

ID: 3720

3. And Even Attempt By Air Despite Never Completing Their Pilot Licenses.

ID: 3742

4. Caught Inciting Rage Via Traffic Jam…

ID: 3726

5. …Taking The Best Parking Spaces…

ID: 3732

6. And “Keying” Cars At The Local Mall.

ID: 3722

7. Evading Police With Cat-like Reflexes…

ID: 3724

8. And Then Using Police Brutality

ID: 3731

9. Converting Humans Into Mindless Drones!

ID: 3723

10. Training For Submersible Missions

ID: 3725

11. Submersible Mission For Beginners

ID: 3740

12. Not Obeying Sidewalk Laws

ID: 3721

13. Posing As Helpful Officials

ID: 3727

14. Seen Here In A Diplomatic Mission To Recruit LOLCats

ID: 3733

15. Testing Ground For New Low Gravity Boots Created By Top Moose Engineers

ID: 3728

16. Covert Ops Attempting To Infiltrate Our Workforce

ID: 3734

17. Engineers Taking Out The 3G Network.

ID: 3735

18. Defiling Our Sacred Landmarks

ID: 3736

19. Showing Our Children Their “Cute And Fuzzy” Propaganda

ID: 3737

20. Chasing Trained Specialists Out Of Their Base Of Operations

ID: 3739

21. All While Mocking Us

ID: 3729

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