10 Nature GIFs To Make You Resent Being At The Office

Humans were not meant to sit in boxes staring at screens. But here we are.

1. You could be listening to a burbling brook in the Swiss Alps.

ID: 1508881

2. Or breathing in the salty air on a pebble strewn beach in Wales.

ID: 1508890

3. You could have your toes in the sand off the coast of Crete.

ID: 1508896

4. Or watch the clouds kiss the top of the Andes Mountains.

ID: 1508905

5. You could be running your fingers through sunlight fog.

ID: 1508913

6. Or tasting the ozone after a lightning strike on the savannah.

ID: 1508922

7. You could make a wish on a shooting star streaking across the Milky Way.

ID: 1508928

8. Or marvel in your own insignificance in the face of Nature’s rage.

ID: 1508946

9. You could be feeling the unique crispness of a winter day.

ID: 1508967

10. Or the heat from the summer sun soak your skin.

ID: 1508990

Instead of here.

ID: 1509010

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