11 Fictional Men Born To Sell Hair Care Products

Proof positive beauty campaigns need more dudes. So. Beautiful.

1. Severus Snape for L’Oréal Hogwarts.

ID: 1510529

2. Jon Snow knows nothing, except how to get perfect hair.

ID: 1510584

3. Loki: Even gods need help to shine.

ID: 1512965

4. L’Oréal presents He Who Must Not Be Named in an avant-garde campaign.

ID: 1510589

5. 900 years old and still fabulous. What’s his secret? L’Oréal.

ID: 1512756

6. L’Oréal Las Vegas: Frightfully flawless.

ID: 1510544

7. When slaying the supernatural, it helps to look supernaturally good.

ID: 1510571

8. L’Oréal Paris: Never rude.

ID: 1512644

9. Gandalf knows you shall not pass… without a deep-conditioning treatment.

ID: 1512679

10. Return with your shield. Or on it. But look fabulous no matter what.

ID: 1512980

11. L’Oréal Gotham: Watch the world burn… with envy.

ID: 1512967

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