Can You Get Through This Post Without Needing A Moment?

There’s a reason they call it fangirling. Because ladies, it’s getting hot in here.

1. Captain Hook, what a talented mouth you have.

ID: 1593367

2. Those eyes. That tongue. Thomas, stop that.

ID: 1593369

3. Drag us to hell and call us “darling.”

ID: 1593384

4. Come to bed, Idris Elba.

ID: 1594285

5. Robert Downey Jr. I…cannot form a coherent thought.

ID: 1594270

6. No, we’re good just standing here. Keep going Chris.

ID: 1593391

7. That scarf looks hot, you should take it off in the bedroom.

ID: 1594617

8. Eye-sexing tease is what you are, Aaron Paul.

ID: 1594483

9. Tom! How’d you get back here…oh. Okay. Nevermind.

ID: 1593611

10. A preview of how the third date ends at Starfleet.

ID: 1594271

11. Your cheekbones are hitting on me. I like it.

ID: 1594274

12. Mother of mercy, it’s getting steamy in here.

ID: 1594272

13. Kevin Tran obviously took Advanced Placement in Sexy.

ID: 1594427

14. …sorry just drowned in the intensity of this gaze.

ID: 1594273

15. Dammit Tom! Get out of this li….wait, what was I saying?

ID: 1593649

16. I’ll just be here on the floor melting from this smile.

ID: 1594275

17. A knight in the field, but a rogue in the bedroom.

ID: 1594276

18. Lips…lips…lips…wait sorry went into a trance.

ID: 1595170

19. …yes please…

ID: 1594372

20. *Stares unblinking for three minutes* Okay but this is the last time!

ID: 1594268

21. All the best people are mad…sexy.

ID: 1594277

22. Well thank heavens that problem got resolved!

ID: 1594584

23. Cigarettes might kill but we’ll be long dead from his sexy stare.

ID: 1594279

24. Mark Ruffalo put that book down and take those pants off.

ID: 1594282

25. Words…go…here? Can’t…where am I?

ID: 1594283

26. Sorry, did you say something?

ID: 1594286

27. Can you not Sayid…can’t think straight.

ID: 1594297

28. We hope you’ve got plans for that tie, Mr. Fassbender.

ID: 1594489

29. Yeah, those kinds of plans.

ID: 1594280

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