19 Future Inventions We’ll Never See, Thanks To The Apocalypse

Say your goodbyes to these never-realized-ideas before it’s too late. Oh well. Being a human was about to get SO COOL.

1. Goodbye Skynet, you nightmarish creation.

ID: 765169

2. Goodbye human intergalactic space travel,

ID: 765226

3. and time travel, too. How we longed for your realization!

ID: 765216

4. And goodbye hoverboards, you were never meant to be.

ID: 765876

5. Goodbye flying car.

ID: 765220

6. And teleportation is something else we’ll never see.

ID: 765227

7. Goodbye clear touchscreen computers. So close!

ID: 765270

8. And human computer chip implantation.

ID: 765278

9. Goodbye replicated foods. What a better world that would have been, all of us vegans.

ID: 765233

10. And first contact with alien species, those sweet unknown space creatures.

ID: 765309

11. Goodbye to moving sidewalks replacing our streets.

From Edison films catalog: This picture was taken from the stationary platform, showing the rapidly moving board walk on the outer edge, which has a speed of five miles per hour; also shows the middle platform moving two and a-half miles per hour, the third platform being stationary.

ID: 765293

12. And organic cyborgs with human moods.

ID: 765321

13. Goodbye curious artificial intelligence.

ID: 765325

14. And augmented reality.

ID: 765633

15. Goodbye food in pills and robotic helpers.

ID: 765553

16. And laser guns. Maybe it’s all for the best.

ID: 765363

17. Goodbye painful memory extractors.

ID: 765686

18. Goodbye full immersion virtual reality. Though who knows, maybe we’re all brains in vats.

ID: 765892

19. Goodbye to all you sweet science fiction tech which hasn’t reached completion. We hardly knew ye.

ID: 765912

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