10 Pictures Of Animals Doing A Miley

Because it’s about time someone put all the pictures of animals with their tongues out in one place.

1. This wee guy is a bit shocked after watching the “Wrecking Ball” video, but it’s OK, he’ll get over it.

ID: 1621373

2. This goat’s favourite Miley song is “Hoedown Throwdown.” Yee hah!

ID: 1621473

3. This Highland Cow loves to twerk, too.

ID: 1621383

4. This tiger prefers Katy Perry, but doesn’t mind a bit of Miley from time to time.

ID: 1621396

5. This guy just can’t help but worry how Billy Ray must feel.

ID: 1621402

6. This cheeky wee monkey used to be a Belieber.

ID: 1621476

7. This guy would be lion if he said he’d never had a wee sing and dance along to “Party In The USA.”

ID: 1621525

8. This cat is reminiscing about the good old days of “7 Things” and “The Climb”…

ID: 1621450

9. This dude thinks Miley is elephanTASTIC, and doesn’t understand all the haters.

ID: 1621444

10. This beagle is working on a tribute act called Miley Cyruff.

ID: 1621408

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