14 Questions About Glee That Will Never Be Answered

Looking back at some persistent mysteries from Glee’s last five seasons.

1. Why does Lima, Ohio have a total of one restaurant?

“Cuz’ we’z be going… to Breadstix!” - Santana, and everyone else.

2. Why does every character date every other character?

“All of you glee kids have dated so incestuously that I can’t even remember who can tolerate who anymore.” - Emma

3. Spontaneous outbreaks of song are all well and good, but how come everyone knows all the lyrics…

4. …and the choreography too?

We only wish that would happen IRL.

5. Why does no one speak to the band guys?

Little known fact: once the band is done playing, they go back into the Glee Club’s storage closet.

6. How can the Brittany of dance numbers… / Via tumblr

…and the Brittany of dialogue scenes be the same person?

There’s no way someone who can’t remember her own middle name has a brain capable of mastering such complicated dance moves.

7. What’s up with Rachel’s dads?

Via Google Images

Things change, especially when famous actors are involved.

8. How can the New Directions afford their stage productions?

The Glee Club gets very little funding, yet their performances feature elaborate lighting, effects, props and costumes.

9. Why was the new cast exactly the same as the old cast?

Twitter: @GleeFaults / Via @GleeFaults on Twitter

Replacing the cast for Season 4 went like this.

10. In what world does it make sense for Principal Figgins to take a janitorial job at the same school he was fired from? / Via Google Images

Sure, the recession was bad, but c’mon.

11. Why do we we rarely ever see these high school kids actually go to class? / Via tumblr

Today’s homework: color coordinate your wardrobe.

12. Who let Mr. Schue do math?

Probably the same person who let him teach Spanish. No es bueno, Señor Schue.

13. Why are the Glee clubbers considered “losers,” when they are some of the best looking and most interesting people at the school?

Maybe everyone’s suspicious of these kids who look like they’re in their mid-twenties.

14. Why did the Glee fanbase name themselves after this bodily function? / Via YouTube

Gleeking: v., 1) spitting that usually occurs while yawning; comes from the tongue, 2) loving a show no matter how many maddening plot holes it has; comes from the heart.

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