19 Signs You Work In A Hospital

In case you aren’t wearing scrubs while you read this.

1. Your hands are always covered in a thin layer of hand sanitizer residue.

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2. You’ve completed at least one online safety module in the past week.

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3. You worry there’s a CODE BLUE every time you hear an overhead loudspeaker in a supermarket.

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4. And yet you’ve learned to ignore fire alarms.

5. You haven’t had a “snow day” since high school.

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6. No matter how bad something smells, you’ve smelled something worse.

7. You roll your eyes whenever your friends tell you how hectic their job is.

8. You’re never on time for anything.

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9. Ironically, you know even less about Obamacare than your friends do.

10. You’re extra cautious not to pick up any germs at the gym.

11. And yet your work clothes are Petri dishes for super-bugs.

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12. You’re good at controlling your emotions.

13. You act like you’ve seen it all.

(and you probably have.)

14. You lecture your friends about the correct way to sneeze.

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Into your sleeve!

15. You never eat Jell-O.

16. Even though you know how to perform CPR, you would never want it performed on you.

17. You can never hang on to a pen for more than five minutes before losing it.

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18. You love working with people.

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19. And yet you can’t stand working with people.

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