Trying To Fall Asleep At Night

Flipping the pillow over to the cold side never does the trick.

1. So tired…should head to bed

ID: 1184521

2. The second you get into bed

ID: 1184531

3. But you need to be up early…. Must go to sleep

ID: 1184534

4. Why is your bed so uncomfortable?

ID: 1184536

5. You should check Facebook

and tumblr and twitter and

ID: 1184540

6. Then you realize how late it’s gotten. You should really get some sleep.

ID: 1184543

7. But your head is so full of thinking

ID: 1184546

8. Aaaaaand suddenly you remember every scary movie you’ve ever seen ever

ID: 1184576

9. Ugh. Why is it so hot in here?

ID: 1184549

10. You’re definitely getting hungry…

ID: 1184555

11. “If I fall asleep now I’ll get 5 hours sleep…If I fall asleep now I’ll get 4 hours sleep…”

ID: 1184548

12. Maybe if you wrap yourself up tightly in these blankets, that works for babies you know

ID: 1184557


ID: 1184558

14. You wish there was a trigger mechanism for sleep

ID: 1184560

15. Did you leave the oven on?

ID: 1184561

16. Okay back to bed, totally able to fall asleep now

ID: 1184562

17. Think of every embarrassing thing you’ve ever done and get super uncomfortable thinking about how awkward you are

ID: 1184564

18. Why can’t you just turn off your brain?

ID: 1184566

19. You will never sleep again

ID: 1184568

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