This Sarcastic Guide To Using Hashtags On Instagram Is #Perfect

Graphic designer Djordje Djukanovic wants to show you how to label your pictures with #hashtags without looking like an #amateur.

1. When you’re new to Instagram, it can be hard to know what pictures to post.

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2. But it can be even trickier for newbies to get their heads around this hashtag business.

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3. Luckily, Serbian graphic designer Djordje Djukanovic has created a simple and cheeky hashtag guide for Instagram beginners.

Inspired by his own friends’ accounts, Djukanovic has some tongue-in-cheek hashtag suggestions for popular types of Instagram posts.

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4. Gym selfies

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5. Nail art

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6. Holiday brags

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7. Coffee-cup name fails

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8. Pics taken from planes

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9. Food shots

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10. General randomness

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See the rest of the Instagram for Beginners set here.

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Declan Cashin is the UK homepage editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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