16 Animals Riding Around On Other Animals Like It’s A Totally Normal Thing To Do

Sometimes animals ride around on other animals, probably because it’s just an excellent thing for everyone involved.

1. A Bird Riding A Kitten

Why wouldn’t I sit on this cat’s head?

i.imgur.com / Via reddit.com

2. A Cat Riding A Goat

Cats just aren’t built for snow, OK?

lh3.googleusercontent.com / Via reddit.com

3. A Dog Riding A Dolphin

Well, I just got my hair done.

i.minus.com / Via reddit.com

4. Monkeys Riding Dogs

Hey, these sheep aren’t going to herd themselves.

sports.cbsimg.net / Via reddit.com

5. A Crab Riding A Bigger Crab

The sea floor’s just kinda gross, all right?

blogger.com / Via reddit.com

6. A Monkey Riding A Pig

youtu.be / Via youtube.com

Better than trying to drive after bottomless mimosa brunch.

7. A More Stylish Monkey Riding a Goat

I say, pick up the pace! We’re late to the ball!

i.imgur.com / Via reddit.com

8. A Chicken Riding A Tortoise

Just go with it.

tumblr.com / Via reddit.com

9. Two Birds Riding A Tortoise

They had to one-up the chicken.

tumblr.com / Via reddit.com

10. A Dog Riding A Tortoise

When will the tortoise get a turn?

tumblr.com / Via reddit.com

11. A Koala Riding A Dog

And the dog couldn’t be happier about it.

api.ning.com / Via www.mymodernmet.com

12. A Duckling Riding A Cat

Hey! HEY! This cat appears to have broken down.

media.giphy.com / Via reddit.com

13. Dog Riding A Larger Dog

Nap time.

14. A Dog Riding An Elephant

youtu.be / Via youtube.com


15. Elephant Riding An- Oh, Never Mind.

Better call a cab.

16. This Incredible Situation

i.imgur.com / Via reddit.com

This guy’s very serious about his task, and this might be best picture ever taken.

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