23 Reminders That Life Will Never Be As Bad As It Was In Middle School

Things might seem bad now, but remember: They’ll never be this bad ever again.

No matter how badly your day is going right now, just remember that you could be in middle school. So if things are rough, breathe deep and remember…

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1. You’ll never think this is a good idea ever again:

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2. You’ll never have to use this contraption 14 times every day:

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3. You’ll never have to watch out for teacher butt in your face every day:

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4. You’ll never have to stress out for hours over who is in your top 8 ever agin:

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5. Your online persona will never be one of these screen names again:

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6. Your love life will never be as bad as it was in middle school:

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7. And your couple pictures won’t look like this:

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Or this:

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8. Your relationship will never be like this ever again:

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9. And you’ll definitely never need to have someone teach you this:

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Of which the outcome will almost always be this:

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10. You’ll never have to see middle school couples like this in the hallway every single day:

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11. You’ll never have to take another embarrassing yearbook picture again:

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12. You’ll never have to be terrified about wearing a pair of these ever again:

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13. You’ll never be this confused about sex again:

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14. And your sex life will never be basically this (hopefully) ever again:

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15. This will never be your main form of entertainment again:

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16. You’ll never think doing a “pimp pose” for every single picture is cool again:

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17. You’ll never have to endure ridiculous middle school rumors:

ID: 1514250

Never again:

ID: 1514410

18. Or get into fights for no reason at all:

ID: 1514412

19. Your social life will never be appropriately summed up by this GIF ever again:

ID: 1514476

20. You’ll never have to have frosted tips again:

ID: 1514265

And you’ll never have to dress like this again:

ID: 1514543

These pants NEVER have to touch your legs again:

ID: 1514094

21. You’ll never have to go to a middle school dance ever again:

ID: 1514468

And you’ll never have to endure Dance Segregation again:

ID: 1514277

22. You’ll never tell all your (very boring) feelings to a journal again:

ID: 1514259

Or to a bathroom stall:

ID: 1514355

23. This horrible, horrible thing will never happen to you again:

ID: 1514278

But you will, till the end of time, have to react like this whenever you see someone you know from middle school:

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