35 Reasons Why Summer Vacation Was The Best Part Of Childhood

Also 35 reasons to become a teacher.

1. It meant no more having to wake up to your alarm:

ID: 1351860

2. No more having to smell the strange, strange smell of the bus:

ID: 1351872

3. No more having to pack your lunchbox:

ID: 1351862

4. Or worse, having to eat this everyday:

ID: 1351866

5. Instead you could have a breakfast of these:

ID: 1350665

6. And follow it up with about 400 of these:

ID: 1351538

7. Then you could give anyone of your friends a call, it didn’t matter — they’re all around:

ID: 1351107

8. And head over there in style:

ID: 1351089

9. Bouncing…

ID: 1351090

10. Or scootering…

ID: 1351104

11. Or even taking the car for a spin:

ID: 1351116

12. You could conduct meetings inside this all day:

ID: 1351542

13. That, or under the dome:

ID: 1350658

14. You could spend all day talking about your latest crush:

ID: 1351256

15. Or talk about your troubles at the office:

ID: 1352123

16. Or just throw these at each other all day:

ID: 1351304

17. If it got too hot, you could always just cool down with a quick blast to the face:

ID: 1351115

Just remember:

ID: 1351540

18. Or you could chase down the truck and grab some popsicles:

ID: 1351440

19. Or pop open a cool beverage:

ID: 1351276

20. …before running through the sprinkler and sliding into some bushes:

ID: 1351556

21. And if it rained you could always turn to your trusty stack of movies:

ID: 1350652

22. Just be careful not to cry too much:

ID: 1351249

23. And if movies weren’t your bag, there were always these fine literary classics:

ID: 1351073
ID: 1351072

And maybe even some Zoobooks:

ID: 1351112

24. Plus, who needs to go outside when you’ve got games like this?

ID: 1351131

Or this?

ID: 1351138

Or this?

ID: 1351140

25. Plus, even if you didn’t have any of those things you still had your imagination… and WITCH HANDS:

ID: 1351263

26. Or your very own little house:

ID: 1351303

27. You could always just bake the day away anyway:

ID: 1351109

28. If the rain cleared up in time you could still skip around:

ID: 1351118

29. Pop in some mango sours:

ID: 1351190

30. Grab some Streek Sharks:

ID: 1351144

31. And hit the tire swing:

ID: 1351599

32. Plus, who knows, you might even have a birthday party later that night:

ID: 1351222

33. Just make sure to look your best:

ID: 1351543

34. Your VERY best:

ID: 1351472

35. Your VERY, VERY best:

ID: 1352086

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