25 Reasons Why Bill Nye Was The Best Teacher You’ve Ever Had


Let’s start things off with the most important reason of all…

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Now that that’s out of the way, listen up and CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING:

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Imagine a world without Bill Nye…

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Doesn’t look too good, does it?

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Now snap out of it and let’s keep talking about why Bill is the best:

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2. Bill Nye is the greatest teacher because he just wants to see you learn:

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3. And he knows exactly where to find that knowledge:

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4. Because he doesn’t age, so he can teach you FOREVER:

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5. Like, seriously, the dude doesn’t age:

ID: 715520

6. He honestly may or may not be Abraham Lincoln:

ID: 715531

7. Because he taught us all that love exists:

ID: 715529

8. Because he’ll help you with your bowtie:

Especially if you’re Chris Hardwick.

ID: 715535

Or help you learn piano:

ID: 715537

9. Because if he ran for president, it would be a landslide:

ID: 715532

10. Because one time in the history of mankind he made this face:

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11. Because watching his show was EXACTLY like this:

ID: 715555

12. Because his lessons transcend age:

ID: 715538

13. And he isn’t afraid to act out Act V, Scene 1 of “Hamlet:”

ID: 715539

14. He taught us the proper way to hold a globe:

ID: 715546

15. And he introduced the world to Joel McHale in “The People’s Quart:”

ID: 715954

16. Because he looks great travelling through space and time:

ID: 715547

17. Not to mention that he also looks great as a naked mole rat:

ID: 715541

18. And twerking, too:

ID: 715550

19. Because… uhhhh…:

ID: 715543

20. Because he just may be Daniel Tosh’s father:

ID: 715545

21. And because he taugh us that five Bills are better than one:

ID: 715512

22. Because he was the original ladies man:

ID: 715560

23. Because he taught us how to survive the bite of a wild Shia Labeouf:

Run the affected area under cold water immediately:

ID: 715542

24. Because this sight still excites you:

ID: 715549

25. Oh, yeah, and he actually had some great advice too:

ID: 715552

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