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38 Things You Will Never Read Again In Your Life

…unless you have children. Or you’re just still a child at heart!

1. This poetry classic:

2. This very literal classic:

3. This will-there-be-enough-room classic:

4. This rotten cheese classic:

5. This offbeat classic:

6. This what-the-hell-is-that-animal classic:

7. These choose your own adventure classics:

8. This tiny Indian classic:

9. This starving caterpillar classic:

10. This terrifying classic:

11. This magical classic:

12. This underpants-fiction classic:

13. This I-still-cry-every-time classic:

14. This slightly depressing classic:

15. These inspired-you-to-build-a-treehouse classics:

16. This horrifying classic:

17. This the-subject-of-every-book-report classic:

18. This pasta-eating classic:

19. This substitute teaching classic:

20. This mouse with a motorcycle classic:

21. This glittery classic:

22. These mysterious classics:

23. This very green classic:

24. This proto-Facebook poke classic:

25. This it-could-always-be-worse classic:

26. This sci-fi classic:

27. This delicious classic:

28. This re-imagined classic:

29. These frightening classics:

30. This axe-grinding classic:

31. These wild classics:

32. This classic classic:

33. This frogs-can-be-BFFs-too classic:

34. This greedy classic:

35. This absurd classic:

36. This but-seriously-what-the-hell-is-this-creature classic:

37. This maybe-my-teacher-isn’t-so-bad classic:

38. And this button-pushing classic:

Never forget where they all came from…

… heaven on Earth— also known as a book fair:

So beautiful.

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