The 45 Worst Fox News Moments Of 2011

Another year, another 12 months of “fair and balanced” reporting from Fox News. Here is the best of the worst of Fox News in 2011. posted on


Lest we forget Khloe Kardashian’s 6-minute wardrobe malfunction.

8. Fox News readers on Michelle Obama:

12. Sesame Street is “a danger to our country’s moral foundation”


That’s Tina Fey.


Romney is starting to look an awful lot like Obama…

24. Fox News readers on the execution of Troy Davis:

29. Fox calls the Muppets communists

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32. Fox News readers on Steve Jobs’ death:


9.0 and 8.6 look strangely close…

37. Bill Nye vs. Fox News

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42. Pepper spray is essentially “a food product”


You know things are bad when your picture disproves your headline.

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