The 35 Hardest Things About Taking A Picture On Picture Day


1. What if you wear the wrong T-shirt?

ID: 936803

2. Like, the really wrong T-shirt?

ID: 936798

3. Like, the exact opposite of an appropriate shirt:

ID: 936961

4. And one that makes you look like a floating head?

ID: 937003

5. And what if you forget your pet bird?

ID: 937223

6. What if your name isn’t yearbook appropriate?

ID: 937122

7. Like, really inappropriate:

ID: 936995

8. And what if your name gives everyone a really weird image in their head?

ID: 936815

9. Or just comes across as a threat?

ID: 936998

10. What if everyone else has a much better quote than you do?

ID: 936813

11. One that’s much more clever:

ID: 936789

12. Much more insightful:

ID: 936793

13. Like, much more insightful:

ID: 937166

14. Much more hip-hop:

ID: 937016

15. Much more delicious:

ID: 936994

16. Much more James Martin:

ID: 938081

17. And has much better reference to “SpongeBob”?

ID: 937023

18. What if you totally screw up your quote?

ID: 937022

19. Or your picture?

ID: 938079

20. Or you totally mess up your superlative picture?

ID: 938080

21. Or you just come across like a total dum-dum?

ID: 937129

22. Or totally screw up the “what I want to be when I grow up” section?

ID: 936996

23. What if you don’t have a buddy to make a dual photo with?

ID: 936807

24. Or to link quotes with?

ID: 937027

25. Or to punch in the face?

ID: 937096

26. Or what if your last name isn’t Nguyen?

ID: 936643

27. What if the person next to you is a total dick?

ID: 937034

28. Like, a huge a-hole:

ID: 936957

29. And an even bigger d-bag?

ID: 937007

30. What if you get shown up by Gabe Perez?

ID: 937014

Or by a goofy Afro?

ID: 938038

Or, worst of all, by Bill Nye’s iconic mug?

ID: 938099

31. What if you chose the worst day to wear your rainbow suspenders?

ID: 937037

32. Or your hairdo makes the photographers have to shrink your picture?

ID: 937002

33. Or strikes fear into the hearts of the children:

ID: 937042

34. And what if Kevin Chang tries to scare the success out of you?

ID: 937050

35. But, worst of all, what if your yearbook photo ends up looking like Ryan Seacrest’s?

WHAT IF?!?!?!

ID: 937078

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