19 Reasons Why You Should Never Celebrate Too Early

Don’t get cocky. Big ups to r/PrematureCelebration for the inspiration and schadenfreude.

1. Because the shot isn’t going in:

ID: 2803691

2. Because your rollerblades can’t magically win first place:

ID: 2803703

3. Because there’s someone right behind you:

ID: 2803707

4. There’s ALWAYS someone behind you:

ID: 2803726

5. Well, except when it matters:

ID: 2803928

6. Because riding anything without hands is really hard:

ID: 2803711

7. And scoring without the ball is also really hard:

ID: 2803730

8. Because tattoos are forever:

ID: 2803735

9. And so are pictures like this:

ID: 2803748

10. Because there’s always time left:

ID: 2803808

11. The clock doesn’t care about your celebration:

ID: 2803725

12. And the ref doesn’t either:

ID: 2803803

13. Because you can’t clap your way to the finish line:

ID: 2803865

14. Or point your way:

ID: 2803881

15. And you certainly can’t fist-pump your way to the finish line:

ID: 2803846

16. Or to a Grammy:

ID: 2803751

17. Because you rolling over isn’t going to make that goal count:

ID: 2803742

18. And your cockiness isn’t going to make your hand come out better:

ID: 2803837

19. And, finally, because of things like this… the ORIGINAL reason why you shouldn’t celebrate early:

ID: 2803708

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