27 Reasons Being Skinny Is Totally Overrated

Good news: You never need to leave your couch again.

1. Because why would you want to live in a world without a fry paradise?

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2. Or live in a world where you can’t bathe in pizzas?

ID: 1154999

3. Or live in world where you can’t take a bath in Doritos?

ID: 1155002

4. Why be skinny when Oreo cereal exists?

ID: 1154977

5. And the “Sprayatcha,” too?

ID: 1154979

6. Why be skinny in a world where you can make cookie bowls?

ID: 1154982

7. Or open a freezer full of freeze pops?

ID: 1154986

8. Or figure out the answer to the eternal question?

ID: 1154983

9. Why be skinny when there are bacon fries to eat?

ID: 1154993

10. Or pizza fries to eat?

ID: 1155028

11. Why be skinny when you can always get some Ight Donuts:

ID: 1154995

12. Or eat a place that makes you react like this?

ID: 1155025

13. Why would you deprive yourself of giant bags of Cheetos?

ID: 1155011

14. Or giant bags of Lucky Charms marshmallows?

ID: 1155013

15. Or pizzas bigger than a small child?

ID: 1155003

16. Why would you want to wake up in a world without pizza-tacos?

ID: 1155009

17. Or pizza cones?

ID: 1155069

18. Why would you never want to make this face again?

ID: 1155072

19. Or have the chance to conquer the 100-nugget challenge?

ID: 1155006

20. What’s the point of living if you can’t fill up your shopping cart with Nutella?

ID: 1155023

21. Or cook breakfast in class?

ID: 1155031

22. Or dessert on your dashboard?

ID: 1155015

23. Why would you deny yourself a cinnamon-roll waffle, covered in icing?

ID: 1155091

24. Why would you not let yourself show your support of your favorite candy, loud and proud?

ID: 1155019

25. Why would you want to wake up in a world without a cheesy poof buffet?

ID: 1155065

26. Or without a cupcake like this?

ID: 1155103


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