Pizza Hut Is Now Ushering In The End Of Civilization With A "Proposal Package"

This is the way the world ends. And this is what you get.

For $10,010 (plus tax!), you’ll recieve:

2. Limo Service

Red, like Pizza Hut!

3. A Ruby Engagement Ring

Get it? Because it’s red. Like Pizza Hut.

4. A Personal Fireworks Show

That are red. Like Pizza Hut.

5. Flowers

They’re red! Do you get it yet?

6. A Professional Photographer/Videographer

Wearing red. Like sauce. On a pizza. From Pizza Hut.

And the biggest selling point of them all:

8. A Pizza Hut 10 Dollar Dinner Box

Which contains a “medium one-topping rectangular pan pizza, five breadsticks with marinara sauce and 10 cinnamon sticks with a sweet icing cup in one box.”

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