21 Dogs That Are Completely Mistaken About How Big They Are

Come on, dogs.

1. The dog that just needs to catch some shut-eye before going out:

2. The dog that just wants to take a l’il nap:

3. The dog that just wants to kick back with the boys:

4. The dog that just wants to hang out on your lap:

Troy Osinoff / Via Twitter: @yo

5. The dog that just wants to get some color:

6. The dog who thinks he’s the more important part of the picture:

7. The dog that just wants to read her stories:

8. The dog that just wants to watch some TV:

9. The dog that’s just trying to get some files sorted:

10. The dog that wants to beat you in a wrestling match:

11. The dog that is navigating on this road trip:

12. The dog that called fives on that chair:

13. The dog that doesn’t have time for hugs right now:

14. The dog that doesn’t care about your comfort:

15. The dog that is muggin’ for a photo:

16. The dog that really wishes he’d been informed you were taking a picture:

17. The dog that’s enjoying a casual swinging:

18. The dog that just wants to eat ALREADY:

19. The dog that doesn’t care about your dang laundry:

20. The dog that has some very important sitting to do:

21. And the dog that knows who the REAL star of this picture is:

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