14 Times Skinny Perez Hilton Made You Uncomfortable


1. When he dressed up as Miley Cyrus for Halloween.

ID: 1939648

2. And took this selfie, whilst pooping.

ID: 1939591

3. Then used the foam finger as toilet paper.

ID: 1940183

4. And gave it to his baby to play with afterwards.

ID: 1940143

5. Then continued to use it himself.

ID: 1940131

6. When he yelled at his own shirtless reflection.

ID: 1939654

7. When he took this mirror selfie in his underwear.

ID: 1940091

8. When he did yoga in his underwear.

ID: 1939594

9. When he decided to do a shirtless photo shoot with his baby.

Charles Fuoco / Via PerezHilton.com / Via buzzfeed.com

Because that’s totally normal.

ID: 1939785

10. And, yes, a bath was involved.

Charles Fuoco / Via PerezHilton.com / Via buzzfeed.com
ID: 1941718

11. When he made this face.

ID: 1939750

12. And this one.

ID: 1940133

13. Can’t forget about this one.

ID: 1939747

14. And when he created this GIF, which is guaranteed to give you nightmares.

ID: 1940118

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