150 Years After Pro-Slavery Mercenaries Burned Down A Kansas Town, Missourians Rejoice By Burning Kansas Merchandise

It’s been 150 years since a pro-slavery mob from Missouri burned Lawrence, Kan., to the ground. One Missouri family celebrated the anniversary by burning University of Kansas merchandise.

1. 150 years ago this week, a band of raiders from Missouri led an attack on Lawrence, Kan. More than 180 people were killed as the city burned.

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2. Tensions had been high in the region for decades, ever since Missouri was granted status as a slave state in 1820. Kansas was a free state, and that led to violence on both sides of the state border.

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3. In the years since, Lawrence rebuilt and became home to the University of Kansas. Some fans of the Universities of Missouri and Kansas point to the raid as the start of a heated rivalry between the schools.

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4. And on the anniversary of that raid, orchestrated by Confederate leader William Quantrill, some Missourians celebrated Quantrill’s actions. This family burned Kansas merchandise in celebration:

12. Some Missourians sent texts.

13. And one Kansas City-area Mizzou bar celebrated with drink specials.

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