The 15 Best Reactions To National Coming Out Day

It is supposed to be a happy occasion. You are allowed to laugh. posted on


1. People took the chance to share their stories.

2. Some people prioritised their issues.

Today I am wearing an ex boyfriend's underpants. So, you know, there are some advantages #NationalComingOutDay

3. Scissor Sisters!

Own your life. Own your pride. Love out loud! Come out, come out. Happy #nationalcomingoutday, love: your Scissters

4. But there were also naysayers.

Having #NationalComingOutDay is extra unnecessary pressure on folk to have to come out. They should do it when they're ready & comfortable.


5. There was a genuinely funny Hannah quote from Girls.

"What I'm having right now is an inappropriate physical reaction to my total joy for you & your self-discovery" Happy #NationalComingOutDay!

6. There was a lot of LOL to be had amongst it all actually.

Careful getting dressed everyone, it's #NationalComingOutDay so there might be somebody in your closet waiting to surprise you.

7. As well as some #RealTalk.

It's National Coming Out Day and, as Oasis *might* (wouldn't) say "Don't come out in anger", like I did to my dad –

Worst thing about coming out is the eager friend who screams "I always knew!!" and books Kylie tickets immediately. (Also the best thing.)

What they don't tell you about coming out is that some of the most difficult people to deal with are actually mean gays with big hang-ups.


8. Some talk that we think is a joke.

My parents found out I was gay when they caught me wanking to Keith Chegwin on Naked Jungle. #NationalComingOutDay

9. The option to come out in Dothraki or Vulcan.

13. The absolutely incredible video in which a guy comes out by performing “It’s Raining Men” in his back garden.

14. But there was still an important message at the root of it all.

15. Because…

#NationalComingOutDay is not about feeling pressured to come out. It's about all of us acknowledging what can be a difficult choice.

For real stories and advice visit RUcomingout.

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