Paul McCartney Found A Fun New Way Of Announcing His “New” Album

He’s been working with Mark Ronson. A newer artist than he is.

1. Concern for Macca’s online welfare began to grow when he randomly started tweeting a bunch of random words.

John Raoux, File / AP

5. This one should maybe have been the giveaway.

6. They are all words you can put the word ‘New’ in front of.


— PaulMcCartney (@Paul McCartney)


— PaulMcCartney (@Paul McCartney)


— PaulMcCartney (@Paul McCartney)


— PaulMcCartney (@Paul McCartney)


— PaulMcCartney (@Paul McCartney)


— PaulMcCartney (@Paul McCartney)

12. Macca was not losing it. He was leading out to a big announcement about his new album.

#whatsnew with Paul McCartney? Here's a 'New' song from his forthcoming new album out 14th / 15th October:

— PaulMcCartney (@Paul McCartney)

13. The first single, also called “New” went straight up on YouTube.

14. It is produced by Mark Ronson.

The song itself is nostalgic for mid-period Beatles, with Ronson’s trademark retro sheen, which should sound even more retro, but in fact sounds exactly as you would expect Mark Ronson producing Paul McCartney in 2013 to sound.

That’s no bad thing though. Other hip young things on “New” include Paul Epworth, Ethan Johns.

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