35 People Every “Doctor Who” Fan Should Follow On Twitter

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As this 50th year approaches a climax, you’re going to be hearing more about Doctor Who than ever. It can get overwhelming. But spread across space, time and the internet are an army of supporters, writers and performers all united by their association to the Mad Man In The Box. Who to follow? We’ve collated who we think are the most important, famous, enthusiastic or simply fun.

A word of warning: all these accounts are genuine. Steven Moffat quit Twitter two years ago. Jenna Coleman isn’t really a fan of the internet. And anyone claiming to be Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi or David Tennant is definitely an imposter. Happy cyberstalking, folks!

35. Me.

Life goal ticked off, done post that links both Doctor Who and Hollyoaks. Sure @rudemrlang will enjoy at least http://t.co/DoNVzaJWU1

Nobody likes a show-off, but I haven’t spent 27 years obsessing about this programme and the past seven psychotically reporting every detail of its production without learning a few secrets. New to BuzzFeed, but my Guardian archive of current episodes can be found here, and a run through the classic series over here.

34. Bonnie Langford.

Played 80s companion Melanie Bush, and worth it for her bio ‘Red Hair and High Kicks’ alone. Bonnie mainly tweets about her musical theatre work, but will still post the occasional bit of Who love as above.

33. Doctor Who TV.

One of the better-natured fansites, quick to round up breaking news, and post compelling longform essays into the bargain.

32. Ian Levine.

.......They treat Doctor Who fans like toilet paper. What a fucking useless irritating pompous self-important bunch of KUNTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of the most notorious figures in fandom, Levine was actually a pioneer for Hi-NRG dance music as a DJ and producer, but his first love was always Who. He became a continuity consultant to the production team in the 80s, and was responsible for the retrieval of several lost episodes. Nowadays, he can usually be found raising armies on Twitter for any and every affront has been made onto fandom by the BBC themselves (which is most things lately).

31. Nicola Bryant.

Actress who played companion Peri opposite the Fifth and Sixth Doctors and continues to appear in Big Finish audio plays. Seems to see Twitter as wonderful playground where everyone can be wonderful to each other the whole time. And why not?

30. Paul Lang.

Christmas is definitely coming – my local Costcutter has doubled the price of all the booze.

Designer of several books including the forthcoming retrospective The Doctor: His Lives And Times, contributor to various DVD commentaries and founder of the Lowculture trash TV site. Though can mostly be found tweeting about boys and The X Factor these days.

29. Louise Jameson.

Just returning from a BBC3 special interview re... Guess what? Doctor Who....

Played noble savage warrior Leela Of The Sevateem opposite Tom Baker, and appears alongside side him to this day, despite them not having got along at the time. Is such an ambassador for the show she even made an appearance at gay Doctor Who social collective The Sisterhood Of Karn and ended up going on a lads’ holiday with one of the organisers. What a woman.

Getty / Hulton Archive

28. Darren Scott.

Can we not get angry or boycott anything today please, I can't fit it on my to-do list

Editor of Gay Times seemingly on a one-man mission to turn the title into a Doctor Who fanzine, with some degree of success. Will usually be found tweeting about his pug (himself something of an internet celebrity, having starred in Middle Class Problems and been babysat by Jo Grant actress Katy Manning).

27. Lee Binding.

Even the font in the Gary Barlow advert seems dull and apologetic to be there. #xfactoradbreak

Designer of the ‘Iconic Movie Style Posters’ that greeted each episode of the recent run, as well as the one you can see at the top of the page. Tweets about Doctor Who, but like many others on this list, a lot about boys and The X Factor as well.

26. Chris Allen.

Webmaster of BBC Worldwide’s excellent 50th anniversary site. But yes, also one of the mob mentioned directly above.

25. Chris Chapman.

That Zygon cliffhanger to ep1 really is a beauty. "A Zygon attacks Sarah"could have been so boring, but in Camfield's hands it's terrifying!

Producer and director of several of the excellent DVD extra documentaries on the current range. Recently he pulled together the survivors from the controversial shoot on William Hartnell’s final story The Tenth Planet and took the cast of The Mind Of Evil back to the Dower Castle location shoot. Tweets about neither boys or The X Factor.

24. Freema Agyeman.

#Rubenesque is the name of our #Sky show! So can legitimately use! But we obviously don't have total dibs on the word! #shareandsharealike

Actress who played companion Martha Jones, so legend. Good fun, but when she has a new project on air she can be known to clog up your feed with talk of it rather a lot

Getty / Jason Kempin

23. Peter Davison.

In 2011 I made this video short for Gallifrey One in L.A. You can find the original here. I hope it works. http://t.co/YvywqkUD

The Fifth Doctor! Entertaining, but having joined up in Autumn 2012, has not tweeted since June 2013 so may have given up now.

22. Neil and Sue Perryman.

There will be a very special Wife in Space announcement this Wednesday at 12:15am. Stay tuned!

Writer and Who fan Neil convinced his wife Sue to an experiment where they would watch every single surviving episode in order and she would try to understand his obsession. The results became the hilarious and touching blog Adventures With The Wife In Space. A book of the experiment will be released in November.

21. Paul Vanezis.

@StewartLundNZ It's just another silly season story, like those lizard men in string vests attacking sea forts; thanks to Terry Scanlon.

A key figure in the Doctor Who Restoration Team, and one of the main players in the worldwide search for all the missing episodes lost in the 60s. Depending on who you believe, their work could be about to yield some spectacular results…

20. Janet Fielding.

Daleks invaded my 60th birthday with help from PMH Gardeners. They gave me ਱K for the Project too. My kinda Dalek.

Played bolshy companion Tegan Jovanaka opposite the Fourth and Fifth Doctors, before quitting acting to become an agent and activist for women in film and TV. After years of reluctance, has returned to the Doctor Who family, appearing in audio plays and attending conventions. Her handle references her character’s nickname of the ‘Mouth On Legs’.

19. Nicholas Briggs.

Big Finish: The Listeners - Doctor Who - The Companion Chronicles: The Mahogany Murderers http://t.co/dzJUqghqgj via @bigfinish

The voice of the Daleks and the Cybermen in the TV show, and boss of Big Finish, the company that produce regular audio plays starring all the surviving classic-era Doctors.

18. Paul McGann.

"Not sure. It sounds something like, 'McGann's in the 50th Special'..."

The Eighth Doctor, doomed to just one screen appearance after his TV movie was not picked up to pilot, but enjoyed a long career in audio and comic book. Treats the whole thing as quite a hoot, as per the cheeky tweet above.

17. Toby Hadoke.

People who should have been in Doctor Who but haven't : Peter Vaughan, Alun Armstrong, Michael Kitchen, Bernard Hepton, Michael Byrne.

Stand-up comic Toby’s one-man show Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf nailed the agony and ecstasy of fandom and earned him a place in the family. Currently hosts documentaries and is on a mission with his Who’s Round podcast to get a first-hand anecdote from every single story throughout the 50th year.

16. Gareth Roberts.

Writer of several acclaimed New Who stories like The Shakespeare Code and The Lodger. Most recently won across-the-board acclaim for his literary adaptation of the unfinished Douglas Adams story, Shada. And yes, tweets a lot about X Factor as well.

15. Sophie Aldred.

On train to Norcon with @andrewcartmel: just told me he invented Nitro 9 and @Ben_Aaronovitch the baseball bat. Class acts both.

Played Ace, the single greatest companion of the 80s, and who remains one of the most generous ambassadors for the programme to this day. Like Nicola Bryant, spends a lot of the time making gags with what now looks like an online social club of former companions.

14. Colin Baker.

@BriggsNicholas Hmmmmmmm. Am I being patronised here by the Big Finish supremo and voice of the Daleks?

The Sixth Doctor. Still frustrated about the costume he was forced to wear to this day. Tweets can often resemble a slightly bufuddled stream of consciousness, although that may be just from since he went on I’m A Celebrity…

Getty Images Entertainment

13. Billie Piper.

Doesn’t tweet that much actually, but come on, this is Rose bloody Tyler.

12. Murray Gold.

I'm stepping through the door And I'm floating in a most peculiar way And the stars look very different today RIP Neil Armstrong

The man responsible for the music of Doctor Who (apart from, obviously, that bit). His tweets are never less than poetic, without always making a whole lot of sense either.

The Seventh Doctor. Between that and his current role as Radagast The Broon in The Hobbit franchise, his feed resembles a bizarre and magical storm of fandoms colliding.

10. Blogtor Who.

In case you weren't aware, Matt Smith finished filming on Doctor Who on Saturday. From Mad Man in a Box to Mad Man who puts people in boxes.

Probably the fastest and funniest Who news source on the internet right now. Certainly the one that tweets the most. Although we miss his hilarious episode podcasts and we’ve told him as much to his face.

9. Chris Chibnall

Excited about seeing Matt Smith and @Jonny__Bailey (& rest of ace cast!) share a stage together for American Psycho The Musical…

Writer of recent episodes like Dinosaurs On A Spaceship, The Power Of Three and former executive producer of Torchwood. Created something you have may have heard of called Broadchurch. Despite such greatness will never live down a 1986 appearance on audience review show Open Air when he berated producers for not making Doctor Who dark and adult enough.

8. Classic Doctor Who.

Daleks difficult to work with? So says William Hartnell in recently discovered interview: http://t.co/yznaZMKkGe

BBC Worldwide’s official source for everything to do with the classic series. It is quite a big year for that sort of thing, as you may have heard.

Godhead of fantasy fiction who was tempted by over by Steven Moffat to write for Who with episodes The Doctor’s Wife and Nightmare In Silver. But a good half of his tweets are promoting his wife Amanda Palmer’s music career.

6. Karen Gillan.

Tom just got sent home from the x factor. This is an outrage. Walsh is crazy!!!!

With a forthcoming role in Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy, the Amy Pond actress is on her way to becoming proper Hollywood famous. Thankfully that hasn’t gone to her head yet, from her Twitter feed she’s still as down-to-earth and mad-as-a-box-of-frogs as we remember.

5. Tom Spilsbury.

Just watched the TV Movie @BFI. Hand on heart, I don't think there's been a more beautifully directed episode of Doctor Who before or since.

Editor of Doctor Who Magazine. The official nature of the role means his feed veers on the vanilla side, but the information is always going to be on the money.

4. Katy Manning.

Good job I didn't have any if the wonderful lost eps ! They'd have been be superglued to something by now !!! Xxx

Actress who played Third Doctor companion Jo Grant in the 70s, and remains the most fabulous of all the former companions. Caused controversy after leaving by posing naked with a Dalek on the cover of Girl Illustrated. Her feed is a world of chaos, and she tweets about Darren Scott’s pug almost as much as he does.

3. The show itself.

Remembrance of the Daleks premiered 25 years ago today! Watch a clip from episode one here: http://t.co/CrK9fDywYq

With all of these people to follow, it can be easy forget that the show itself has a feed of its own. And now that TV channels are taking social seriously, this is one of the best. They’re very good on anniversaries.

Brand Manager of Doctor Who, which means he’s responsible for pretty much everything about the programme apart from what’s actually on screen. can be found rubbishing newspaper reports and posting about 80s pop music. By night he has a secret pop career of his own which you might enjoy.

1. Mark Gatiss.

For those asking, the #Sherlock set is always dismantled when we finish. Nothing sinister in it! And we don't have an airdate yet.

The highest-ranking Who writer on the whole of the internet, because Moffatt’s never coming back. But let’s face it, you should be following Gatiss already.

Getty / Kevin Winter

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