21 Truths Only A “Coronation Street” Fan Will Understand

It’s not so grim up north. It’s bloody brilliant in fact.

1. Everything starts with a battleaxe.

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The first Street battleaxe was Ena Sharples and she has rarely been bettered.

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2. The north is better than the south.

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3. Gossips might be quite annoying but how is anyone going to find anything out without them?

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4. Tumblr goes crazy for lesbianism.

The tender love story between Christian teens Sophie and Sian was probably the show’s most blogged-about ever.

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5. Do not have a surrogate baby for the neighbours or else this will happen to you.

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6. But it’s okay to spend every single night in the pub and nobody will call you out on it.

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7. Weatherfield has some excellent DJs.

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8. But some really dreadful rappers.

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9. If he’s trying to hurry you along to name the date, it likely means he’s the local arsonist.

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10. Going upstairs to your bedroom to play tapes will take you several years.

And the process will render you a murderous psychopath.

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11. Cleopatra lived in Weatherfield once.

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That’s Amanda Barrie, the late Alma Halliwell-Sedgewick-Baldwin, starring in Carry On Cleo.

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12. Women are generally ferocious, men generally simpering wusses.

Probably because it was conceived by Tony Warren like a gay man’s fantasy of life in backstreet Salford.

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13. But these women can also be lethal toward each other.

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14. And Mrs Walker would not have stood for any of this nonsense.

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15. Nobody actually knows what Fat Brenda from Streetcars looks like.

But it’s probably something like this.

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16. The middle classes are evil.

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17. All of them.

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18. Your mother will get progressively sluttier with age.

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19. Belts tell many stories.

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20. Sometimes the biggest dramas can arise out of the little things in life.

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21. And yet… nothing is ever going to be okay again.

Hayley is dying and I just can’t believe they are doing this to any of us. Any of us.

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