17 People From Your Childhood To Follow On Twitter

Yes everybody, Roland Rat really is on Twitter.

The former queen of all Playschool has embraced social media with gusto, and now spends most of her time wandering round with a sense of awe and wonderment at the world and everything in it. Plus, did anyone else realise Floella Benjamin is now a Baroness?!

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Proving that you can move onto serious journalism after spending years on screen next to a toy duck with a green mohawk, the former CBBC broomcupboard host is now a serious journalist at BBC Radio Manchester.

The former TV-AM weather presenter, and the woman who did the maps on Treasure Hunt has become something of a cult Twitter sensation in later life. She goes round making slightly demented observations and nature, posting pictures of birds and regularly telling new followers, “wine o’clock is whenever you want it to be.”

Yvette was the coolest of the Blue Peter presenters. More so because she would shamelessly go on to con viewers as a supposed ghost-hunter on Most Haunted.

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Cheggers is currently performing in The Nutcracker On Ice because of course he is. Most of his tweets involve gags about being a middle-aged man on the edge. But because of his well-documented on-the-edge struggles, it can get a bit uncomfortable.

Zoe’s TV career is back on the up with her Strictly Come Dancing spin-off show. But she gets a mention because her Cool Mom monologue is so wonderfully chaotic.

Michaela was responsible for making a generation of teenage boys interested in wildlife. And she’s still at it, while also joining in with the national pastime of bashing the Daily Mail.

The over-animated Get Fresh presenter looks to have matured only slightly. He might do serious car shows now, but he’s got an amusing GIF as his profile picture.

The chief siren from Tomorrow’s World is still hard at work at the BBC teaching new generations about the wonders of science (the above fact must be true because it comes from Maggie Philbin. And like lots of people on Twitter, talks about X Factor quite a bit too.

He might still be going strong with Countryfile, but judging from his profile picture, realises that his most important work was keeping a generation of children up to date with current affairs on Newsround.

The Art Attack hero is still on a mission to get Britain drawing and painting. But he also has a neat sideline as a heavy metal guitarist in the Liverpool-based Marseille.

Kooky Katie was always the coolest out presenters on Channel 4 gross-out The Word with her bubblegum sass. She’s still at it with her journalism now, but also spends a lot of time talking about perfumes.

Weirdly, the Wacaday legend is still going strong with pretty much the same act 25 years later. The Mallett’s Mallett is still out in force at gigs across the country, but his tweets are always a bit sensible, disappointingly.

Wogan. What possible justification could the nation’s favourite eccentric uncle require? Predictably, there’s a lot about Children In Need.

Hello Possums! The world’s favourite Australian housewife superstar is on Twitter, although often for little more than to plug her live shows.

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And that’s magic! The nation’s favourite light entertainment magician of the 80s is a near-constant tweeter. There’s a wealth of first-hand monologue about life on the road with the lovely Debbie McGee, ranting about hotels, but sadly none of his tricks given away.

It’s an incredible 30 years since the international “Rodent Geni-Arse and Living Legend” made his debut on childrens’ breakfast TV. But somebody (in Los Angeles apparently) is still keeping up the Twitter account. As Ratfans everywhere would always say, “YEAH!”

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