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Bill Puftin’ Murray on “Ghostbusters 3”: “There’s another script in the process and we’ll see if it’s good.”

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Bill Murray gives a coy glimmer of ‘Ghostbusters 3” hope in every appearance he makes, and yesterday’s Toronto International Film Festival visit was no different.

At a TIFF screening of Hyde on Hudson Park, Murray walked the red carpet and took a few interviews. Watch him pretty much bring up Ghostbusters 3 on his own after being asked if people shout “Ghostbusters!” his way.

Interviewer: “How many times a day do nerds like me just shout out ‘Ghostbusters!’ to you!”

Murray: “Well, there’s uh, some Ghostbusters hysteria over there, there’s someone carrying around a giant, like a very large doll of a marshmallow man. So it comes up a lot, it comes up a lot, the idea of doing another Ghostbusters and you know, we’ll see, there’s another script in process and we’ll see if it’s good. It’s got to be really good though, because, you know, the first one was so great.”

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