11 Reasons To Watch NBC’s Hannibal

All the reasons are dreamy.

1. Hugh Dancy on your TV. Every week.

He plays Special Agent Will Graham, an FBI criminal profiler who can “see” into the minds of criminals. Sign me up.

ID: 991117

2. Hugh Dancy wearing glasses.

ID: 991121

3. Hugh Dancy in the shower.

ID: 991126

4. Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen on screen together.

Imagine the sexual tension.

ID: 991136

5. Hugh Dancy shooting a gun.

ID: 991141

6. Hugh Dancy all bloody and wearing glasses.

ID: 991148

7. Hugh Dancy’s hair on your tv.

ID: 991165

8. Hugh Dancy carrying a briefcase and dressing like a college professor.

ID: 991177

9. Hugh Dancy being all broody.

ID: 991201

10. Hugh Dancy doing this.

ID: 991224

11. This brilliant promo which also involves Hugh Dancy.

ID: 991215

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