13 Reasons Corgis Make Excellent Employees

Finding the ideal employee can be a challenge — one that any corgi can meet.

1. 86% of Corgis graduate from college at the top of their class.


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2. Their stylish sensibility adds a touch of professionalism to any field.


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3. Corgis know how to properly file paperwork. And themselves.

All without thumbs.

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4. They know how to handle technical difficulties.

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5. They’re are always thinking about the next big thing.

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6. They’re passionate about important issues of today.

This corgi fights for your rights.

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7. Nothing can hold back an ambitious corgi.

Not this jar, OR ANY OTHER JAR!

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8. Corgis are natural born leaders.

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9. They care about their fellow co-workers.

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10. And work well with others.

Forget Balto.

ID: 1099377

11. But they also can tackle any solo task you throw at them.

Excuse you, this corgi is working on some very important Internet bizniz.

ID: 1099393

12. Because they aren’t scared of a little healthy competition in the workplace.

Natural born winner.

ID: 1099388

After all…


ID: 1099419

13. And even though they have a lot of potential corgis aren’t too proud for even the littlest tasks.

He makes a mean pour over.

ID: 1099403

Because they know that one day they’re going to run the whole damn thing.

Who run da world? Corgis.

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