25 Gifs That Will Make You Take Breakdancing Seriously

Here are 25 amazing gifs that exhibit some of the best talent from around the world.

Lil G, from Venezuela

ID: 1401074

Domkey, USA

ID: 1401298

Taisuke, from Japan. Original speed.

ID: 1401101

Tata, USA. Original speed.

ID: 1401123

Gravity, USA. (from Gravity vs. Vicious Victor)

ID: 1401135

Noodle, Korea. And the crowd goes wild.

ID: 1401178

Shortyforce, Korea.

ID: 1401187

Mortal Kombat Crew, Japan.

ID: 1401194


ID: 1401196

Gravity, USA.

ID: 1401396

Jamal, Russia. And yup, that’s two rotations each time.

ID: 1401209

Wing, Korea.

ID: 1401210

Kill, Korea.

ID: 1401400

Physicx, Korea.

ID: 1401222


ID: 1401239

Rocket, Korea.

ID: 1401245

Domkey, USA.

ID: 1401252

FE, Korea.

ID: 1401265

Domkey, USA

ID: 1401273

Domkey, USA.

ID: 1401283

Isaiah, USA

ID: 1401287

Lil G, Venezuela.

ID: 1401292

Lil G, Venezuela. That’s all one arm.

ID: 1401296

Thesis, USA

ID: 1401356

26. Further viewing…

If you’ve made it this far, then congratulations! You are sufficiently interested in one of the most fascinating subcultures in the world today! Enjoy videos from some of the greatest documentarians who do the world a great service by covering the b-boy scene and making this footage available to all.


Bboy World


The Bboy Spot

YAK Battles

ID: 1401624

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