A Burger Bar And A Taxi Company Just Made Someone’s Day On Twitter

When John couldn’t go get a burger, a burger came to him…

1. It started innocently enough. A twitter user, housebound with a foot infection, simply lamented the fact that his condition meant he wouldn’t be able to enjoy a burger at his favourite burger joint on #NationalBurgerDay.

3. Because it’s the normal thing to do in 2014, he put out a plea to the Twittersphere for someone to bring him one.

5. The folks at Byron Burger noted the plea and offered their sympathies, but admitted that they didn’t offer a delivery service. So it looked like John’s ‘Burger Wish’ would remain just that…

7. But just when it seemed all was lost, London Taxi company, Addison Lee stepped in with a solution…

10. And they wouldn’t even accept payment.

12. Picking up on the good vibes, Byron Burgers decided they’d help out with this #RandomActOfKindness.

16. So Addison Lee got ready to send a car…

18. …while Byron Burgers made sure they had John’s order just right.

22. And so, with the help of a burger bar and a taxi company, wishes were granted, and John got his burger on #NationalBurgerDay after all!

24. #bless #brands

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