22 Cats Who Are Extremely Exasperated

These cats are having a rough time right now, and they have decided to let their feelings out. Feel the feels, cats!


This cat is so over how much work she has to do this week

ID: 1036548

This kitten is yelling to the universe, “what are you trying to tell me, universe?”

ID: 1036557

This kitten just looked at what you want him to eat for dinner and is not pleased. He’s told you he’s a vegetarian TEN MILLION TIMES!!

ID: 1036570

This kitten just locked her keys in her car…and also can’t find her phone

ID: 1036584

This cat just realized that they completely forgot to go to a meeting with their boss

ID: 1036591

This kitten just saw the outfit you are planning to wear out this Friday night and thinks you are sending the wrong message…but also kind of likes it.

ID: 1036599

This cat just realized that her dvr didn’t record the last episode of Modern Family

ID: 1036602

This kitten just realized the perfect shoes she put off buying are now sold out in her size.

ID: 1036609

This kitten’s best friend made him watch The Human Centipede last week and he hasn’t slept since.

ID: 1036632

This cat is yelling at you because he is your best friend and he loves you but you seriously need to get your life together.

ID: 1036638

This kitten is upset because it’s April and she just wants it to be warm already.

ID: 1036644

This kitten literally JUST TOLD YOU not to talk about the new Game of Thrones episode in front of her!

ID: 1036651

This cat just tried on her favorite dress and realized that it doesn’t fit her anymore.

ID: 1036663

This kitten meant to take a twenty minute nap and just woke up after an hour and a half of sleeping.

ID: 1036670
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This cat wants to help you but is too tired to listen to you whine right now

ID: 1036684

This cat just saw on facebook that her worst enemy bought the same prom dress as her.

ID: 1036690

This kitten slept through her alarm for the third time this week.

ID: 1036692

This cat just remembered all of the embarrassing things he did last night.

ID: 1036760

This cat was just tricked into doing the cinnamon challenge.

ID: 1036780
Via http://warren%20photographic

This cat was one caller away from winning tickets to Beyonce’s Mrs. Carter tour from her favorite radio station

ID: 1036789
Via http://visual%20photos

This cat can’t believe that he thought this was a special bathtub for him and is mad at you for not telling him sooner

ID: 1036816

This cat cannot BELIEVE that you just told her to calm down. HOW DARE YOU??

ID: 1036847

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