19 Reasons Andy Dwyer Is Your Spirit Animal

Bert Macklan is truly an angel without wings.

1. You’re all about saying ‘yes’ to life.

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2. Dancing? More like inspiring everyone through movement!

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3. You see the world as a big place to go exploring.

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4. You’re more of an improviser at heart.

ID: 2372407

5. You definitely NEVER confuse puns and quotes.

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6. You’re excited by the little things in life.

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7. You’re not afraid to dish out a solid compliment.

ID: 2372420

8. You’re in a serious relationship with food.

ID: 2372428

9. You bring that zest for life with you everywhere, like school and work.

ID: 2372438

10. No one’s fooling YOU!!!!

ID: 2372446

11. You’re basically the Wikipedia of your friend group.

ID: 2372447

12. You’re not afraid to admit when you’re wrong.

ID: 2372450

13. You’re always ready to talk about the latest news stories.

ID: 2372454

14. I mean, you’re basically a doctor.

ID: 2372458

15. You honestly are.

ID: 2372462

16. You have a great sense of fashion.

ID: 2372465

17. Sometimes you’re just trying to keep folks honest and on their feet.

ID: 2372468

18. You are excellent at time management.

ID: 2372470

19. You’re a brilliant strategist.

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