Welsh Corgi Getting A Bath Evaluates 8 Cat Food Ads

As you can see, he’s not in a forgiving mood, much like me 24/7. Image via.

1. Via the country of Moldova, ad for Кошкин корм brand cat food.

ID: 241341

Riiiiight. Let’s see this stupid cat take on a “boxer.” I say stupid because you’ll notice he has to put his name on his boxing shorts.

ID: 241649

4. Via Switzerland, for Exelcat cat food.

ID: 241390

Yeah, that’ll be the first time she actually covered something in her pathetic poopy box.

ID: 241663

7. Via Canada, ad for Whiskas.

ID: 241394

BWA ha! Yeah, if you believe that one, I got a doghouse to sell ya in Brooklyn.

ID: 241690

10. Hobby Cat cat food ad, via Croatia.

ID: 241464

I count…24 fox dinners.

ID: 241686

13. Friskies TV spot via South Africa.

ID: 241460

Oh yeah? Two words, for your olfactory consideration, feline fancier: CAT. PISS.

ID: 241683

16. Via Moscow, for kitekat cat food. Basic meaning is, feed your cat proper food, it will give you boundless love (like Jesus).

ID: 241474

Uh, Hello? DOG is GOD, spelled backwards.

ID: 241679

19. TV spot, Via New Zealand, for Purina One.

ID: 241480

[Pukes in bathwater]

ID: 241482

21. Brazilian ad for Pet Show “two-flavored” cat food.

ID: 241486

Brilliant! I Love it! Four paws up!

ID: 241669

OK, get my out of here, dry me off, dump a box of biscuits on the floor, and LEAVE.

ID: 241666

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