Three More 2013 Commercials That Badly Exploit Women

The ghosts of “Mad Men” still roam the halls of big ad agencies. posted on


Why not riff off the deaths of hundreds of people to sell your Bro Beer, Andes? How classy. A second spot in the unfunny new campaign, “Martha,” starts with the title board “Katrina.” Amazing.
Ad agency: Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, Buenos Aires.


Hawaiian Tropic protects women from body snarking bitches?
That makes concrete sense. Whatever, let’s just get a bunch of hot big-titted babes in a commercial.
Ad agency: JWT, Paris, France.


Pretty Girlies only buy carsies for their pretty colors to go shopping for pretty colorful things.
Ad agency: Commonweath, USA.


Seven more 2013 commercials that badly exploit women.

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