20 rip-roaring ads.

1. 3 ads for Gas-Aid outta India, all with the same copy: “Your Gas Entertains No One”

ID: 1224133

2. Via Mexico, an ad for Luftal anti-gas pills. Lucky Pathologists can just let them rip.

ID: 1223888

3. Via Bangkok. The Energy efficiency of Lamptan lamps is demostrated with farts.

ID: 1223854

4. Via India, the prettiest fart ad ever created for Eno anti-gas pills.

ID: 1223897

5. Via Italy, an ad for the Lucca Comics Museum.

ID: 1223980

6. Smart ambient ad for Science World in Vancouver.

Here’s more of Science World’s brilliant ads.

ID: 1223990

7. Via Hong Kong, ad fro Eno anti-gas.

ID: 1224057

8. Farting tuna sells John West Tuna and Beans in Australia.

ID: 1224113

9. Farting pelican sells spicy sardines in Peru.

ID: 1224119

10. Prius ad via Israel shows that sheep farts are worse for the environment than a Prius.

ID: 1224142

11. Sprite billboard in Trinidad.

ID: 1224153

12. Via Brazil, an ad for Dimezin, an anti-gas drug. See, Muslim man’s farts are so bad, Muslim woman breaks tradition and walks in front of him.

ID: 1224179

13. The famous Marilyn Monroe shot from Seven Year Itch has been riffed on three times for fart-vertising. Left — For Vancouver’s Science World. Right — for Antifom anti-gas pills via Venezuela, and…

ID: 1224209

14. …way back in 1998, for Actal anti-gas via Singapore, when the actual movie image was used and abused.

ID: 1224217

15. Two funny ads via China for the TianTian brand of handheld air freshener.

ID: 1224083

16. Ad for Madaus anti-fart syrup via Germany.

ID: 1224168

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