The Sleaziest…Ketchup Ad You’ve Ever Seen

It doesn’t really make me want to buy ketchup, but it sure as hell sells spanking. Via Italy.

1. Revenge of the Son of Ketchup Bottle

ID: 1053681

Gioni’s has chosen a…stimulating idea to convey that their line of condiments now comes in upside-down bottles.

The ads will be running in Red Bottoms magazine, among other titles.

Barbecue Sauce and Ranch Dressing ads below.

Ad agency: Alch1m1a Advertising, Milan, Italy.

ID: 1053785

3. And squeese GENTLY, boy.

Why is ranch dressing a woman?
I guess they had to get a female in the campaign.

ID: 1053721

4. JESUS that’s ho…creepy. Creepy.

ID: 1053714

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