The Creepiest Collection Of Doll Photos Ever Assembled

Not even fire can kill them. You’ll see.

1. At a beach in Victoria British Columbia.

ID: 1471777

2. Snapped by a UPS driver.

ID: 1471785

3. She emerges from the shadows every day at this exact time.

ID: 1471794

4. Guy says he stepped on his sister’s doll, and laughed. He didn’t laugh later that night, at all.

ID: 1471801

5. Buster Keaton with a Buster Keaton doll.

ID: 1471811

6. The things she’s seen, on the other side.

ID: 1471819

7. A disassembled sex doll.

ID: 1471817

8. Yes, nice girl, go ahead and try to feed me…one …more…time.

ID: 1471824

9. Backroads of North Carolina.

ID: 1471782

10. Sloth Barbie.

ID: 1471788

11. You’re laughing. You wouldn’t be if you saw how fast they move with stilts.

ID: 1471825

12. The dolls are always there, everywhere. Even in your video games (found in Batman: Arkham Asylum).

ID: 1471844

13. Porcelain dolls after a house fire. The family got out safely. This time.

ID: 1471861

14. You’ll be sleeping in Grandmom’s old room tonight.

ID: 1471847

15. His bottom two-thirds is only a few miles away, and stumbling toward its upper one-third’s silent scream.

ID: 1471853

16. *shivering*

ID: 1471858

17. “My legs are too long? Your life is too long.”

ID: 1471870

18. “Oh, yes, Suzie, I love my new makeup job. Now, where does mommy keep the big knives?”

ID: 1471873

19. Who in Christ’s name makes these things?

ID: 1471865

20. X-rays provide no answers.

Lisette de Boisblanc / Via

Photos by Lisette de Boisblanc.
Here’s her website.

ID: 1471878

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