The Brilliant Volkswagen Advertising Of The 1960s

It was the heyday of the “Mad Men”. And the best Mad Men worked at Doyle Dane Bernbach on the VW account. posted on


This gem first ran in Life on August 8th of 1969, just two weeks after the astronauts returned safely to Earth. No product shot, no body copy. Just a timely, simple, effective truthful idea that sold the hell out of the car.


The count? 1,612,462 beans.


1963. What did art directors do before Photoshop? They painted.


1963. Remember at the time, cars were big, bigger, and biggest.


Simple, compelling visual. Smart headline. Selling copy.


1963. This ad dares you not to read the copy. Incredible ad.


Of course, this being the 60s, and these being Mad Men, there was still some good old wife-bashing. Read that copy.

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