The Brutal Abuse Of The Pope In Ads

He’s been turned into the Devil, a scary baby, and Garbage Pail Pedo Pope.


WOZ, a Swiss weekly newspaper, takes a cheap shot at the Pontiff by turning his Holiness into a Devil with a flip of a page and some Photoshop — all to present the supposed viewpoints of both conservative and progressive Catholics. Sold some papers, I’m sure.

ID: 882330

German weekly newspaper badly, digitally hatches a Baby Pope to sell its compact size.

ID: 882333

A Uruguayan bookstore lays out Benedict XVI’s imagined reading history to illustrates that reading habits change.

ID: 882349

One of a series of street posters via a Kiwi skateboarding company. Eshe basically tried to offend everybody. See the other seven posters here, including Gandhi getting a blowjob and “Tick-Tock Muhammad.”

ID: 882361

5. Benetton

As part of their Cannes Grand Prix-winning “Unhate” campaign, Benetton hung this banner depicting the Pope necking with Egyptian imam Mohamed Ahmed el-Tayeb in Vatican City. It was quickly confiscated.

ID: 882369

6. Peta

Peta produced these fliers back in 2010 soon after Ratzinger made his comments about condom use being OK, sometimes. Expert Photoshop skillz there.

ID: 882391

Now here’s how to use the Pope in an ad.
VW in Ireland took an interesting story and turned it into PR gold.

ID: 882207

8. French Television 1

Ad from 2010 promoting Tele 1’s morning show.
Quite noteworthy and newsworthy today.

ID: 882419

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