Stock Photos That Need Further Explanation

Their titles tell us nothing. Eight photos, last one is NSFW-ish.


Yes, that’s what Can Stock Photo titled this, with the question mark.
Well OK, but he needs a proper SuperHero name.
Equality Man?
The Purple Pummeler?
The Man In The Just Perfect Golden Mask?

2. TITLE: A Naked Woman On A Bath Tub With A Naked Man Crouching Over Her Head”

Yeah, but: Where is her head, exactly?


Tea Party Jesus scoping out an Obama rally?
I don’t know.

4. TITLE: “Portrait Of A Young Man Naked”

This “pregnant” fellow has been bought by the Russian Government, and used in an alcoholism awareness ad.
Copy on the ad reads: “Excessive consumption of beer affects masculinity and leads to belly growth, enlarged lacteal glands, and decreased potency.


HULK must be in his “mildly perturbed” state.

6. TITLE: “Senior Man Flexing Muscles On Basketball Court, Wearing Helmet”

That description dishonors this suburban warrior.
This is better:
“The general who became a slave. The slave who became a gladiator. The gladiator who defied an emperor.”

7. TITLE: “Close Up Of Family Eating Hot Dogs”

1. There is no hot dog in that bun.
2. That little girl is a face eater.

8. TITLE: “Sexy Young Woman In Coffee Beans”

The Best Part Of Waking Up, Is Folgers In Your…Menstrual Cup?


Awkward Stock Photos is your daily source for unexplained stock photos.

And, check out Getty Critics for a funny running take down of the wrong-ness that is Getty Images, like this photo of parents prepping their baby for the oven.

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