So, Ads Directly On Eyes Are A Thing

A creepy thing. But one recent campaign is actually very smart.


This is a new Brazilian campaign for the Itau Cafe and their extra strong coffee. Extra strong, so you can stay awake and watch your neighbor undress.
Well, that’s a specious reason to buy, but OK.
Two more ads below.


“Man of your life.”


The most sensible, and realistic, of the three.


Get the red out. GET IT THE FUCK OUT! Creepy ads for Croma eye drops via the United Arab Emirates. Idea done simpler here.
Second ad below.


Snake eyes.


Campaign for the Brazilian Eye Care Foundation.
Hmm…they should play more Blues? Really? And that’s a pretty cartoonish, stereotypical drawing.


Jeez, poor, dead Ray Charles gets his blackness and blindness exploited in the name of preventing retinal lesions.


Ha, let’s hurtfully make fun of old people while asking them to get their eyes checked. Smart strategy, that.


Hey now, here’s a smart eye lid campaign.
It’s via the Thai Health Promotion Foundation warning against driving sleepy. The campaign won a Bronze Lion at the Asian Cannes ad festival. The visuals draw you in and hit you with that bing! creative moment that is sorely lacking in most of today’s advertising.
The illustrations could be much better, and clearer too.

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