"Reasons My Son Is Crying"

This new Tumblr is pure evil genius. Here’s a sampling.

1. This wonderful father posts photos of his son…

ID: 1052097

2. …and notes the reason why his son is bawling at that particular moment.

ID: 1052102
ID: 1052105

4. The amateur photography…

ID: 1052107

5. …mixed with the short, unemotional captions….

ID: 1052109

6. …equals internet brilliance.

ID: 1052110
ID: 1052113

8. Of course someday…

ID: 1052116

9. …the boy will find out about this.

ID: 1052117

10. That could be awkward.

ID: 1052118

Here’s the Tumblr, it’s less than a week old.
I like almost nothing, and I LOVE this. Bookmark it.

ID: 1052122

Via reasonsmysoniscrying.tumblr.com

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