Awkward Phallic Symbols

10 photos + 1 video.

1. Ad for Naples Lumber via Florida.

ID: 1244537

2. Hey, 2 bones is a bargain for a “rocket” sweater.

ID: 1244505

3. “Super” LOL.

ID: 1244508

4. This has something to do with nerds and science fiction and I’m too busy to actually research it. But PENIS SHIP.

ID: 1244515

5. The ejaculating volcano just adds to the wrongness.

ID: 1244519

6. They had to name it that.

ID: 1244521

7. It’s just a long, hard, pointy shoe, move on.

ID: 1244531

8. Yes cheerleader Mom, GO MEAT.

ID: 1244534

9. Nice logo, Dr. WOOD (L — semi-erect, R — fully erect).

ID: 1244509

10. Lastly, I had to include this Internet-famous Chiquita poster because I STILL can not believe it was a real ad (which it most definitely was).

ID: 1244543

BONUS: It’s an 8+ minute video of a man wearing a green bag over his head and purple socks making love to a huge Cheeto made out of hundreds of little Cheetos while chanting/singing “I love you Cheetos” over and over and over to an annoying techno track.

ID: 1244541

11. NOTE:

About half of these are via The Blog of Unnecessary Phallic Symbols, who haven’t published an update since May 30th, which perturbs me.

ID: 1244554

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