Mad Men-isms

So, which character’s “tagline” is your tagline?

Everything You Say Is An Ad For Yourself™

In the ad industry, whenever you present a new campaign to a client or a prospective client — whether it’s 1960 or 2013 — you close the dog & pony show with the campaign’s tagline, slogan, motto, kicker, etc.

AMC created a Facebook page of Mad Men Mottoes, which presents the major characters’ more memorable catch-phrases as title boards — exactly how a creative director would (or at least should) present a product’s new tagline.

I’ve got my one favorite picked out that best reflects my beliefs (It’s a Roger Sterling).

So, take a look. I’ve only included what I think are the strongest slogans for each character. If you want to see them all, go to Mad Men Motto.

As an ex-copywriter, I’m very disappointed AMC hasn’t done this for brash copywriter Michael Ginsberg. He’s certainly rattled off some doozies.

First up, Don Draper.


Don contradicts himself (see #5 above) a lot on the show, but he does it so confidently.

Next, rockstar creative Peggy Olson.


I LOVE this one.

Now Roger Sterling. Mine’s in here.

Joan Holloway (Harris), who skyrocketed from office manager to partner.

Now partner Pete Campbell, who hasn’t said too many life-affirming phrases.

Betty Francis, who became much more than Don’s ex-wife last season.


Oh Betty, you’re much more than that.

Bert Cooper, the Japanese culture-obessed senior ad guy.

Finally, Megan Draper, who might have been the firm’s best creative, if she hadn’t gone into acting.

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