Iranian Posters Warn Against Sexual Harassment

Directed at “immodest” women, put up by the government. Eight posters, with translations.

1. A current billboard. “Veil Is Security” from flies (men).

ID: 1106267

2. “Flower of modesty grows in the garden of Hijab.”

ID: 1106340

3. “Improper Hijab is the starting point of harassment for those who seek to harass.”

ID: 1106326

4. The “pearl in its shell” analogy is apparently used a lot with these ads.

ID: 1106348

5. “In this blizzard of watchful eyes do not forget your umbrella: Hijab” (probably not an official government poster)

ID: 1106292

6. “Psychologists say: those who dress inappropriately and use lots of makeup have character issues.”

ID: 1106330

7. “We ourselves invite [sexual] harassment: Girls who do not dress properly are harassed and targeted in the streets.”

ID: 1106354

8. Iranian schoolgirls mocking a poster. “Hijab is protection not limitation”

ID: 1106392

All images (except the first one) and translations via this imgur page.

ID: 1106364

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